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by Divy M
Zulily Catalog Creation Process

How to Improve Web Sales on Zulily with Catalog and Content Optimization

Selling on Zulily

Zulily, LLC is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce company, which sells children and women apparel, infant gear, toys, and home decor products. The eCommerce company features as a top seller listing and marketplace destination for sellers by industry group and thought leaders such as U.S. Apparel & Accessory Online Retailer Ranking, Fast Company, and National Retail Foundation.
Zulily lists products from several brands and sellers. According to various reports, the website has more than 5 million active users, most of whom are women in the age group of 25-45 and are from the US. The website also attracts customers from more than 80 other countries. Unlike other retailers, Zulily processes major part of orders for repeat customers. For instance, 88% of these orders are placed by repeat customers from North America. Any vendor expecting to list products on the website need to adhere to Zulily product catalog and content guidelines. However, it may not be easy to stick to these guidelines, if you are listing your product on this website for the first time. This is where an experienced third-party agency like Sirius Alpha can help. Our key focus is on helping customers in the following areas:
Product Categorization and Tagging
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Appealing Product Content
Product Data and Search Engine Optimization
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Product Image and Optimization


Product Categorization and Tagging: 88% of customers coming to a website know what they want. So, they would directly look for relevant categories. If your product fails to be tagged visible in a relevant category there are all chances that they would look for another alternative, perhaps your competitor’s products. Many times, online seller and vendors ignore categorization with a thought that their brand name would work for them. This is not right, because there are thousands of brands listed on Zulily and all vendors have taken efforts to project their products in the best possible way. We help vendors to get their products listed to proper categories along with proper tags. These tags help people to discover your product and be visible in categories relevant to your products.
Keywords and Content Optimization: What makes your product information stand out on search engines and internal site search? It’s the choice of keywords and the accuracy of information. We help our clients choose the right keywords and create the perfect content for their search engines and also Zulily website visitors.
Image Optimization and Positioning: A visitor cannot feel the product physically, but he can feel it visually if you provide quality images. At Sirius Alpha, we help customers to produce images as per Zulily image guidelines and position them for better visibility.

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