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by Divy M
Wayfair Catalog Creation Process

How to Improve Web Sales on Wayfair with Catalog and Content Optimization

Selling on Wayfair

Wayfair is one of the leading internet retailers in the US dealing with furniture and home goods. Founded in 2002, the company was earlier known as CSN stores and it features more than 10 million products from 5,000 brands, which are listed by 10,000 suppliers. With such a huge inventory, the site offers one of the large selections of furniture – both indoor and outdoor patio furniture, decor, bed and bath, and rugs for all budgets and styles to 85.32 million unique visitors every month ( Similar Web). The categories including furniture, home decor, and home improvement have the highest conversion rate. Wayfair spends millions on Ad and promotion to attract buyers. In addition to the retailers from the US markets, the portal also offers fair exposure to retailers from Canada, Germany, and the UK markets.
The eCommerce catalog creation and representation at Wayfair requires investment in terms of time if you wish to optimize customer experience and boost sales. The product catalog needs to be optimized as per the Wayfair product listing and catalog guidelines regulated by Wayfair. This is where you need to hire a 3rd party eCommerce catalog agency. Having said that, it doesn’t mean you can invest in any agency, instead, the one you choose must possess experience in the following areas:
Product Categorization and Tagging
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Appealing Product Content
Product Data and Search Engine Optimization
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Product Image and Optimization


Product Category: Any user visiting Wayfair or any other eCommerce website would prefer to browse through categories. For instance, a user looking for rugs would only look for the product in the defined floor and rugs category. If your product is wrongly added to the category of doormats, perhaps he may miss it.
SEO-driven Product Description: Keywords play a key role in popularizing your product page with search engines. The agencies that are familiar with search engine optimization understand how SEO optimized product descriptions are favored by search engines like Bing, Google, and so on, which would help drive traffic to your product page
Tagging and Product Data: Accurate product data and tagging drive traffic to your product. The product data powers search filters, which directly impacts sales. Product keywords, tagging and product data not only enable clients to find their products easily but also allows them to compare the products featuring similar specifications or features. This comparison also provides exposure to your product on a marketplace like Wayfair.
Search Term: In the US, a large section of users, perhaps 56% of them use search engines to find their desired product. So, it is important to use search terms that are relevant to your products. For instance, in the US, a person may search the term “rugs for office”, whereas, in the UK, the person may search “carpets for office”. So, it is important to understand customers psyche and preferences, and add relevant search terms to attract the right traffic to your SKU.
Product images: Wayfair is perhaps one of those e-retailers who focuses on product presentation. With CGI support, you can create lifestyle images, and enable visitors to make an informed decision.
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