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by Divy M
Target Plus and Target.com Catalog Creation Process

How to Improve Web Sales on Target.com with Catalog and Content Optimization

Selling on Target Plus

Target Corporation is America’s eighth-largest retailer, which has been operational in different store formats like Target, SuperTarget, and Small-format Target for several years now. In 2019, the retail chain has launched TargetPlus, which is a third-party marketplace program that allows third-party merchants to sell their products through the website. This enables retailers to boost their revenues through a prominent third-party marketplace.
Target has introduced a complete set of detailed guidelines for product catalog and content. A user needs to abide by them in order to get their product listed on the website. At Sirius Alpha, we support growing eCommerce businesses like yours by providing enhanced product catalog and content for Target plus TM.
Product Categorization and Tagging
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Appealing Product Content
Product Data and Search Engine Optimization
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Product Image and Optimization


Product Categorization: This is the most important aspect of product visibility on the Target.com. A person always searches the product under a category. So, if your product is not listed under an appropriate category (categories) there are chances of losing a potential buyer. For instance, you may be selling power tools, but if it is listed under the category hand tools the visitors to Target.com may never find it. So, your loss may be your competitors’ gain.
User and Search-Engine Optimized Content: Just listing your product on Target.com will do no wonders to your business. You need to ensure that the product is searchable and visible to both search engines and onsite visitors. For that, you need to include appropriate keywords and search-engine-optimized, yet user-friendly content. An experienced third-party product content provider can help you in both areas.
Image Optimization: Coming to product detailed pages, Target.com requires all retailers to use lifestyle images for products. These images are can be created using CGI, so that customers get a look and feel of the product. This would help them make the right decision. So, it’s critical to present the product with multiple images across the website.
Product and Data Tagging: A product can be tagged in multiple categories where it may be relevant. This gives users better chances to compare the products and make the right decision. A third party service provider will always help you with the right tagging and data creation, thereby increasing your chances of success.
To understand how an optimized Target.com product catalog can help increase your online visibility, please contact us today.

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