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by Divy M
Sears Catalog Creation Process

How to Improve Web Sales on Sears.com with Catalog and Content Optimization

Selling on Sears

Sears is a chain of departmental stores in the US, which has been operated since 1893. Over the years, Sears has become a choice for home improvement products. You can visit Sears online store for purchasing clothing, tools, mattresses and more from great brands like Craftsman Tools, Kenmore, Diehard, Serta, and so on. Owing to its legacy and commitment to customer satisfaction, Sears online store has emerged as a secure, reliable, and cost-effective way to improve retailers business. By listing your product on this store, you can realize several benefits such as access to millions of members who may be ready to buy from you; a chance to list your product across relevant merchandise categories; user-friendly online interface; advanced and integrated analytics that enable you better decision making; and a transparent fee structure.
To get started with Sears, you need to create an account, and then manage a catalog. Do you know Sears is the fourth-largest etailer in the US by SKU count. There are currently 65 million products listed on the website from 7,000 online retailers. Sears has regulated stringent catalog guidelines to ensure customer ease. Sirius Alpha can manage the catalog operation on your behalf following the strict Sears marketplace and editorial content guidelines. The following are our main areas of focus.
Product Categorization and Tagging
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Appealing Product Content
Product Data and Search Engine Optimization
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Product Image and Optimization


Categorization: Currently, there are 20 L1 categories and several L2 and L3 subcategories available for your consideration. Listing the product in the right category and sub-category is important if you wish to draw a serious buyer and visibility to your product. For instance, you may be selling washers and dryers, which are one of the popular home appliances on Sears. Listing them under HVAC supplies will do no good to your business. Due to this confusion, you may be losing a potential customer.
Tagging: Product tags helps visitors discover the right product to meet their needs. Sometimes, creating accurate product tags may be difficult due to increasing product catalog size across various categories. This is where Sirius Alpha can help.
Keyword-driven Description for Search Engines and Visitors: Many times, retailers do not have a complete description of the product as it’s not supplied by a vendor. This may disappoint customers. As the product catalog grows, you may not be in a position to write an appealing description for each SKU. Without a keyword-rich and accurate product description, it is difficult to feature in search engines. Hence, your products may be never discovered via a search engine or people using Sears.com internal search to reach their preferred products.
Image Optimization:  Like all others, Sears.com has set specific guidelines for image quality and styling, It is important to adhere to product image and product content guidelines for each product listed across Sears.

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