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eCommerce Fashion Retouching and Post Production

Fashion Retouching and Understanding of eCommerce Post Production process

eCommerce Fashion Retouching and Post Production

Fashion Retouching and Understanding of eCommerce Post Production process

by admin

eCommerce Fashion Image editing

Fashion eCommerce Image is the one which needs the highest amount of detail. As the visual appeal is the key of selling a product online.

Fashion eCommerce Image editing services can be basic things as Isolation of product image on-model or table top to even high-end fashion eCommerce Image editing such as Skin Retouch, Color correction, Shadow creation etc

With ’s, Cost per SKU and Cost per Image model you do not need to invest anything upfront for your image editing process. It offers a great deal of merchandising operations cost optimization, as usually post production cost for an image when done in-house is nearly the same as the photography cost itself.

How to save on Fashion and High End eCommerce Retouching

A Outsource offshore eCommerce Image editing service partner can offer you great flexibility based on season which you might not be able to absorb while having a dedicated in-house post-production image editor in-house. In many cases, it is really hard to even hire a full-time image editing experience for tasks such as garment retouching and shadow correction, as the salary could even range from $30,000 to $ 50,000 based on experience. We work on a cost per image model which can be anything from $ 0.5 to $5 per image without requiring you to commit to any guarantee of work that you would pass to us

With an experienced team of skill post production retouching team, we usually deliver images in batches within 24 hour. We clearly understand that time-to-market is the key to revenue growth for any eRetail business



A complete pay as you go model without any fixed cost attached, supporting your seasoanlity requirements


60% cost advantage when compared to inhouse operations with flexibility


24-hour turnaround time for any type of image editing with complete process understanding and additional QC layer

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