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eCommerce Product Image Editing

E-commerce Image Editing that uplifts your Web Sales.

eCommerce Product Image Editing

E-commerce Image Editing that uplifts your Web Sales.

by admin
Image and image-related task cost nearly 40% of the total investment on product page optimization for categories such as CPG, Hardgoods, etc. With Zero touch and feel it’s critical to have a visual appeal to your product page using product images and gallery.
On average a user browses through 3.4 images for each product so it’s critical to add lifestyle images and multiple angles of each product to visually Entice a user to make an informed decision

Type of Image editing needed for eRetailers

  • Image cropping and Isolation: This is the basic image editing, which requires the product to be isolated on a clear white background. We will have to ensure that the product occupies the most part of the canvas, as per the latest Amazon product image guidelines released in Sept 2019. It was made compulsory for the primary image to be on a white background apart from this. Google Shopping has a similar criteria for retailers to qualify for any promotion
  • Image color Correction: In many products such as fashion, garment, and furniture, the color correction needs to be done and is critical as the true color of the product is lost during photography due to the light exposure. The color is corrected using a image swap of the original color so that the image is true to what the product would get delivered
  • Reflection Removal: This is needed for high gloss and reflective products such as mirror, faucet, frames, metallic products etc., which usually have a reflection or a shadow tint on the product. Our eCommerce image editing and post product services helps remove reflection and correct the image so that the product is true to the real appearance
  • eCommerce High Edit Post production and Correction: All products need image retouching like for fashion, there is skin retouching done to remove wrinkles, hair, body marks, and so on. Similarly for Home decor, image retouch products need to be retouched in detail to remove scratches, dust, and marks that would be present during the photography. Such image editing requires a high level of attention to detail.



A complete pay as you go model without any fixed cost attached, supporting your seasoanlity requirements


60% cost advantage when compared to inhouse operations with flexibility


24-hour turnaround time for any type of image editing with complete process understanding and additional QC layer

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