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CGI Image Creation and Retouch

Subject Matter Expertise in CGI and Clear Understanding of eCommerce Business

CGI Image Creation and Retouch

Subject Matter Expertise in CGI and Clear Understanding of eCommerce Business

by admin

Use of CGI in eCommerce

With IKEA leading the front for CGI implementation to display eCommerce product images, it has soon started catch-up with other retailers. Wayfair, Overstock, and others can be seen using for CGI and 3D for enriched eCommerce Customer Experience. While IKEA was late to enter the eCommerce Scene, but it was quick to increase their product assortment with 75% of product images made with the support of CGI.

CGI does not only focus on product images but also staging of product images across lifestyle background to provide a holistic view to the visitor and in some case also allowing visitors to interact with the product

Here are quick advantages of CGI implementation for eCommerce

  • Reduced Time to Market: While a lifestyle set might take a couple of weeks to setup and CGI set can be ready in 3-5 days which can have multiple products attached and setup hence reducing the time-to-market, which is the key to Online Retail Supremacy
  • Cost Optimization: While each retailer is looking to reduce operational costs, which provides an ideal case as CGI images can be created in a fraction of the cost and also saving on human resources and physical real-estate needed for actual imagery, you don’t even need to shift your product to a studio while you work on it
  • Easy to create product variation: Product variation can be created in minutes once the actual product has been rendered, this then can be easily staged across any desired Lifestyle background.
Product Lifestyle Images
Virtual Staging
Product Image Creation
Jewellery Images

So should you setup a CGI team?

While currently there are few category leaders who do work on CGI extensively. It is not advisable for a mid-sized retailer to look at setting a complete team for CGI. While working with an eCommerce CGI image Services agency you can test the waters and with very minimum commitment get the management buy-in, as this is a relatively new process which would need managements buy-in

Team needed for CGI eCommerce Image production

  1. Visualizer
  2. Creative director
  3. CGI operator
  4. QC layer

How does Sirius Alpha provide CGI Pricing?

While we understand your volume would be low we offer a completely transparent cost per base image pricing, which is for the creation of the main image and a fraction of the cost for the variation, staging, adaptation, etc

While we move towards CGI

While CGI product images would look amazing on any website, there is a lot of planning required for creation of a CGI image as the image needs to be a complete replica of the original product. In recent years, the quality of Computer Generated Images (CGI) has improved drastically and now rivals studio photography, which makes it clear that the move towards CGI and Augmented Reality(AR) in eCommerce has already started, how are you placed for it?



A complete pay as you go model without any fixed cost attached, supporting your seasoanlity requirements


60% cost advantage when compared to inhouse operations with flexibility


24-hour turnaround time for any type of image editing with complete process understanding and additional QC layer

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